Regina Kincaid, Kindestmilk

Regina Kincaid, Kindestmilk

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I offer online breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on in Eng­lish through my pre-recor­ded online video cour­se “Breast­fee­ding Basics – A Prac­ti­cal Gui­de” and addi­tio­nal per­so­nal consultation.

Hi, my name is Regi­na Kin­caid. I am a mid­wi­fe and Inter­na­tio­nal Board Cer­ti­fied Lac­ta­ti­on Con­sul­tant with over 15 years expe­ri­ence. On a per­so­nal note, I also have 9 years first-hand expe­ri­ence of breast­fee­ding my own 5 child­ren. Due to my own breast­fee­ding jour­neys and having work­ed with count­less mothers and babies over the years, I have deve­lo­ped a true pas­si­on for sup­port­ing breast­fee­ding parents.

Rese­arch shows that spen­ding 3 hours with a lac­ta­ti­on con­sul­tant hol­ding the IBCLC cre­den­ti­al means that you are 3 times more likely to still be breast­fee­ding at 3 months.

My online breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on cour­se pro­vi­des that time with a vir­tu­al IBCLC, if you are unable to see an IBCLC in per­son. I cover all the infor­ma­ti­on shared in a stan­dard group class with the addi­ti­on of prac­ti­cal sup­ple­men­ta­ry video mate­ri­al, ante­na­tal and post­par­tum check­lists and the advan­ta­ge of working through it at a pace that suits you. As access to the cour­se is not time limi­t­ed, you can use it to prepa­re for your baby during pregnan­cy and con­sult it as neces­sa­ry, when your baby arri­ves. The com­ment func­tion gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­mu­ni­ca­te with me direct­ly in wri­ting within the cour­se. If you wish to book pri­va­te vir­tu­al breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on addi­tio­nal­ly to the video cour­se, plea­se copy and fol­low the link:

“Breast­fee­ding Basics – A Prac­ti­cal Gui­de” com­pri­ses 9 easy-to-fol­low video-based les­sons with 12 vide­os in total, appro­xi­m­ate­ly 2.5 hours in length. The cour­se will teach you

  • How to prepa­re for breastfeeding
  • How to build an opti­mal milk supply
  • How to know your baby is get­ting enough
  • How to deal with com­mon breast­fee­ding challenges
  • How to feel con­fi­dent breast­fee­ding in public


Access to cour­se and price

You can find out more about the video cour­se and enrol for 20 Euros + VAT here:

Breast­fee­ding Basics – A Prac­ti­cal Gui­de | Kin­dest­milk (

Cour­se Curriculum

Tool 1: Know­ledge is Key
Prepa­re for suc­cess (9:34min)
Estab­lish a milk sup­p­ly (23:23min)
Why breast­feed?- The bene­fits (4:17)
Tool 2: The Principles
Posi­tio­ning at the breast (30:43min)
Effec­ti­ve attach­ment and drin­king (20:22min)
Sequence of latch-on (0:50min)
How to hand­ex­press your breast­milk (10:42min)
Tool 3: Over­co­ming challenges
Gene­ral nipp­le care & nipp­le types- fee­ding with flat & inver­ted nipp­les (26:29min)
Com­mon breast­fee­ding chal­lenges (14:21min)
Tips for breast­fee­ding in public (15:09min)

Bonus Vide­os
Win­ding your baby (5:24min)
Unedi­ted drin­king (9:47min)

Even if Eng­lish is not your first lan­guage, the cour­se may still be sui­ta­ble as the ins­truc­tor speaks slow­ly and cle­ar­ly and is easy to understand.


In addi­ti­on to the online video cour­se, you can book pri­va­te vir­tu­al breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on with me here:

Copy & fol­low the link:

Pri­va­te vir­tu­al breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on class €40
This ser­vice includes access to my online breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on video class, worth €20+VAT  and a pri­va­te ante­na­tal breast­fee­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­on video call during which we can dis­cuss your per­so­nal breast­fee­ding plan befo­re giving birth.
You may have ques­ti­ons that you would like to dis­cuss in per­son. Such ques­ti­ons may be in rela­ti­on to your medi­cal histo­ry or, per­haps, a pre­vious­ly chal­len­ging breast­fee­ding journey.
The 40 min con­sul­ta­ti­on is con­duc­ted via Zoom with indi­vi­du­al call ID and pass­word and a com­pre­hen­si­ve ques­ti­on­n­aire will be sent to you befo­re the call. Plea­se cont­act me on 0838448600 or email at
Once pay­ment is recei­ved, I will send you your uni­que cour­se user­na­me and password.


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Über die Qualifikation / Organisation:Still- und Laktationsberaterin IBCLC: Der Titel steht für eine international anerkannte Qualifikation medizinischer Fachpersonen und stellt weltweit die höchste Kompetenzstufe der professionellen Stillberatung dar. Still- und Laktationsberaterinnen IBCLC arbeiten in Kliniken und/oder im ambulanten Bereich und betreuen Mütter sowohl bei alltäglichen Fragen rund ums Stillen als auch bei komplexen Herausforderungen und medizinischen Problemstellungen.
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